Monday, June 6, 2011


    Hello world! Welcome to my blog. Here, I will be sharing my learning experiences with you along my journey to become learned chef... kinda. What will we be learning about, you ask? Why, how to cook, of course! Not just any cooking, though. I will also explore baking, and occasionally review websites, products, etc.
    I realize how very cliché this is: writing a blog about food while learning to prepare it. Some may call me a Julie Powell wannabe. I wish to say, though, that this blog is purely for me. Whoever else enjoys it, and even (GASP) learns from it; I hope I do not lead you astray. No, this will be my path to learning the beautiful art of cuisine that I have such a passion for. I must say, though, I have a little more under my belt than just Mac and Cheese, and toast...
    Hopefully along the way I will make some friends, share my funny, successful, and embarrassing experiences, and help both improve, and maybe even provide, some recipes for you all to try yourselves. I love feedback, whether positive, or negative. I don't mind, as long as it's constructive. Please feel free, should the mood strike you, to share your tips for me to try. If I find it works well, I will certainly give an honorable mention.
    I find that the best way for me to learn is to surround myself with others who are experiencing the same problems, or triumphs, so that I can be a resource for them, and vice versa, to continue the learning process with increasing vigor and excitement.
   So far, I've made this blog sound boring, and institutional with all this pompous-sounding talk of learning. I wish to be clear in saying that I'm very excited for every mistake, pit-fall, and pie-in-the-face scenario I encounter. The whole point of this is to have fun! After all, how long is a rising junior in high school going to maintain an interest if they're not having fun to a certain degree? That's why I'm getting bored with this post already.
   Enough of this talk. On to the recipes!


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